5 secrets of a real man!

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5 secrets of a real man!

«5 secrets of a real man» is a documentary in which leading russian businessmen, famous people in sports and culture, as well as coaches and business consultants will share their answers.

How to gain strength and fulfill your potential? How to find your purpose in life and be successful?

Watch this film and start to act today. Verify your daily life with those five secrets and you will soon discover new and inspiring changes. Share this movie with your friends and colleagues, create an environment of likeminded people, and you will be able to grow more rapidly and efficiently.

This documentary is intended for high school and university students, but even if you’re over 30, remember that we are in a life long studying process and most important exams are still ahead of us.

Remember: in order to become a real man — you need to win the battle over yourself!

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